Friday, February 11, 2011

A To-Do List

For arbitrary reasons, here is a list of things I need to do while capped at 70. I am really steeling myself, trying not to leave the Outlands until I can manage to get it all done. Besides, my story is based in Outlands, and has quite some time before it moves to Northrend.

  • Obtain the Loremaster of Outland achievement. Really want to have this, dunno if I will get around to it.
Dungeons and Raids:
  • Outland Dungeon Hero!
  • Outland Raider. Pretty much a no-brainer on these.
  • Obtain Tier 5, MAYBE Tier 6. As I have stated, the T5 PvP variant will work well for RP and such.
  • Tricked you. Not even gonna try Bloody Rare. I already got Medium Rare and Outland Explorer. I'm not gonna overachieve on this.
  • Just finished Sha'tar and Scryers, soon to get Thrallmar, so... Cenarion Expedition.
  • Shattered Sun Offensive.
  • Sha'tari Skyguard.
  • .........Netherwing.
  • Mag'har. I've done the Mag'har / Kurenai twice now. Not a fun grind.
  • "of the Shattered Sun."
  • Master Flight.
  • Cold Weather Flying (Trying to nab that so I'll have it as soon as I go into Northrend).
  • Make a recruitment ad on the forums.
  • Establish a clear objective and story.
  • RP my ass off.
I think that's all. Not terribly bad now that it's all written down. Still gonna take some time!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Through the Dark Portal - Part Two

My legs were taking me forward now; A sort of passive training my kind recieved during the Third War. When all senses told a Spellbreaker to turn around, he charged into the fray, perhaps not even knowing if he would live. And so it was, as I was right behind Vannaren, who so bravely had drawn his weapons and begun to move, that I realized this might be the last memory I was graced with. That terrible sound through the bowels of the portal was not unrecognizable... Though we had not known precisely what it was, a terrible foreboding churned within me. I could only hope.

As he ascended the steps gracefully, mightfully, and approached the portal, Vannaren let forth a vicious burst of sickly golden light, as if to mark his passage through the Twisting Nether. He looked back a moment, and, I think, regarded us all carefully. Vannaren cared for us all, truly he did. When we forsook Prince Kael and followed Voren'thal the Seer, Vannaren came to our sides through his concern for our well-being. There were times in the most harrowing fights, when I thought I would fall, that Vannaren was the only force to keep me alive. I have the utmost respect for him.

He stepped through without trepidation. I always paused at this point, and I could see that Livingsun did as well. I felt bad at this, because Livingsun has long been regarded as the most 'soft' of all of us. Tellivira and Aanden had no trouble hurtling through in pursuit, and Fallenblood urged me in as he passed, looking fearful.

On the other side, it was a gruesome sight to behold. There was Vannaren, the stalwart defender, on his own. And not ten yards before him was a mighty Pitlord. The Pitlord was flanked on both sides by blazing infernals, who were combatting the rallying armies of the Alliance and Horde. There was a staredown. Vannaren carefully thumbed through a massive book tethered to his belt by chain, eyeing the Pitlord and thumbing his blade. He reached a favorable passage, and, slamming the book shut, a great golden light sprang about him. We all knew this to be an omen for a battle he was going to take seriously.

Fallenblood let forth a volley of arrows, almost impossible for the eye to trace. A great wing hovered where the arrows should have hit, and the Pitlord laughed, an awful sound of dark mirth and true glee. Fallenblood could not be put off, though, and began to strafe while continually firing at previously uncovered spots. Livingsun nervously chanted, his hands trembling and swirling in flickering light. He let a bolt of holy flame descend from the sky, which entirely missed it's mark and engulfed a busy-fighting infernal. He cursed and tried to steady his hands. Tellivira ran to him and began to chant as well. She had always been like an older sister to him. I appreciated this of her, as I had never felt more than a fleeting friendship with the man, never a brotherhood. He seemed comforted by her presence, and recited his spell more confidantly, this time bringing the bolt of holy fire down into the Pitlord's back, who cried out.

Tellivira was throwing balls of volatile fire towarde the pitlord. She seemed angered, and as I looked to the trail of fireballs, I saw they were bouncing off the demon's thick hide. I had no time to keep looking. Aanden and I had to join this fight. I drew my weapons, an old Sun Forged Blade and a classic Sin'Dorei shield, and allowed myself to enter the fray. Aanden had pulled out his cruel-looking lance and was right beside me. I could not stop myself from grimacing.

We weaved through some of the Orcs and those damnable corpses from Lordaeron, who were screaming in their various tongues. It was a terrible sound to me. We came to the feet of the towering demon, and to Vannaren, who was stoutly blocking the titanic swings from the Pitlord's glaive. Aanden was searching for a weakspot, stabbing wildly with his lance, and in response the gargantuan demon stomped near him, barely missing each time. I quickly stole a nearby mage's spell as it sailed through the Nether, and from my fist burst a splash of ice, which caught one of the demon's legs and held it down.

It was very fast after that. Like a raging elekk, the hulking monstrosity began to trample and thrash about, flying into a frenzy at the hold I had put on it. I believe the captivity and death of Magtheridon has given all Pitlords a reason to fear being held down. One of the beast's massive hooves came down over Aanden, who in desperation tried to jump out of the way, but... I regret to say, he was trapped beneath it. Vannaren cried out, a sound of terror and of an almost paternal need to free a trapped child. He dropped his shield and blade - a terrible mistake. As dusky golden light flickered around his fingers, growing in intesity by the second. He thrust his fingers toward the struggling Aanden, but as the light was just about to spring forth toward his fallen comrade, Vannaren was caught in a mad swing by the ominous glaive, and simply ceased to be.

I cried out, furious at seeing Vannaren and Aanden fall. Something welled up within me, and with a flash of blind furor, I drew my fist into the air. The Pitlord laughed at my defiance, a deep rumbling that shakes me to my core til this day. They say my eyes flashed such a radiant green that day, they were like small suns, for I had stolen from the nether the power of Vannaren's final spell, and from my fingers, in the shape of 'the horns,' raged a burst of such awesome radiance, it was nearly blinding. Shackles of light bound the Pitlord in place, that he could not move. I stared at my hand for a moment, breathing heavily. Vannaren had conjured the might of that spell, I had merely released it! It was an odd feeling, that I would never cast such a knee-bending spell again. I had to fight the desire for more power.

I shook my head violently, then turned with urgency toward the two back the other way. They were staring at me. I cried out in my deepest voice, hoarse with the cry of earlier, "Go!! A portal, to anywhere!!" Tellivira nodded, and as she hurredly chanted, she looked more nervous and uncomposed than Livingsun had. I quickly surveyed the scene. Fallenblood was nowhere in sight, and I could only assume he had fled. The forces of the Alliance and Horde had withdrawn, perhaps he was with them? Tellivira's portal was nearing completion now, and I made my way to her. I became fearful when I heard the deep growl of the Pitlord behind me, then a sound like crystalline chimes shattering. I cried out for the mage to hurry, and she hastily finished the portal. It looked incomplete, somehow... But there was no time to lose!

I awoke, feeling dazed on the outskirts of a small outpost in the middle of the Hellfire Peninsula. The architecture was noticably Blood Elven. I looked about me and could not find any trace of Livingsun or Tellivira. I wasn't damaged at all, save for feeling like I had hurtled through a very unstable portal, so I stood up and approached the small encampment, full of questions and unrequited fears.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tempest Keep - Done!

That's me, holding the Phaseshift Bulwark and Warpslicer. I just did Tempest Keep with a few 81-85's, and thanks to them, got my Kael'thas kill, plus some beast tanking gear to boot.

I ought to describe right now, I am a 70 capper (At least on Rem). This means that I am not leaving Outland til my brain is bursting with it's content. However, I know that there are few out there like me, so I am not nitpicky about using 85 characters to achieve my raiding goals. No sir.

It started with Shattrath City. One of my favorite locales, I might add. I thought to myself, after a delicious dinner of chicken and quinoi, that I would try and get into a raid. The main attraction of Tempest Keep to other players is this: Ashes of Al'ar. It was, in TBC, the greatest mount achievable next to a Netherdrake. For me, Tempest Keep is a storyline area. Lore. Plus, Kael and his Void Reaver have a couple pieces of T5, which I want the PvP version of. It's orange, if you haven't seen it, and it will fit with my tabard. And I will truly be the Patriarch of the Sunwardens. But that is a tale for later.

Anyway. I began advertising in LFG at first, fearing for my sanity if I dare open Trade. It took a little bit and some arguing with a Snobbadin, but I got a warlock (Snobbadin didn't think it was appropriate for a 70 to be doing a 70 raid). Very nice warlock, 81, I believe. Some time after her, I got a mage. And then another mage. And another mage after that. Then, after finally toiling through Trade, which WAS a nightmare, I got a paladin, who I very much respect and admire. For she was a beast. Alas! We decided that her self-heals would be fine enough for a lowbie raid, and we departed for Netherstorm.

We trundled into the raid, after porting people in and such. Took a few minutes at the loading screen, but when I phased in I turned sounds back on (Usually keep them off. The sounds of people blowing things up offends my ears) and we went on our way, killing our massive elven counterparts. As it turned out, this entire group was elves to begin with, save for one Trollish mage. Soon we arrived at the Void Reaver, after momentarily leaving Al'ar alone.

I put on a spellpower blade I keep with me, and some random dropped epic leather healer gloves. See, if I had walked in there and tried to do what I do - tanking - I would have gotten murdered, and hard. So I started healing the other paladin and the warlock, who was getting pummelled.

After this, I got a sweet ring. We killed a few more trash mobs, then it was on to Al'ar... except when we pulled the Phoenix God, everyone was not ready. Flame Buffet beat the hell out of us, and when Al'ar flies into the air, he's getting ready to blow everyone up, 85 or not. You have to jump down to the lower level, but we did not do that. Wipe-age ensued.

The second try went much better, we downed him, on we went. No loot from him, if I recall. Now, the mobs around the next boss, Solarian, Mind Control. Needless to say, we wiped by accident once and were forced to wipe another time before four people left the raid. I went back to town and found us another Paladin, another mage, a shaman, and a druid. I wasn't excited by the shaman coming, they share my gear. Anyway, we stomped Solarian, and then it was time for Kael'thas Sunstrider, Lord of the Blood Elves.

A wipe ensued. We had killed all four of his advisors, but when he brought them back, we seemed to have been woefully unprepared. A short run in later, we tried again. Again, we downed the advisors no problem. But then, when they were brought back, the tank died. And she was about to quit right there, leave group, F you guys, bye. The other paladin I had found when I went back to town managed to finish off all the advisors, with a couple mages and the druid still standing, and got Kael down to 50%. When this happens, Kael begins to warp gravity, and, to the average 85, not that much damage. So the druid battle-rezzed the paladin that had fallen, and with her back up, we finished off Kael.

This has been a long story, but I was so happy to have gotten this done. Thanks for listening!


Hearthstone Appreciation Day

Today I would like to bring recognition to a force I believe we all take for granted. What do we do when we're not a mage, and we're deep behind enemy lines? What do we do after a long day in the middle of nowhere collecting buzzard asses? What do we do when we want to curl up by the fire in Silvermoon, or seep in a pool of toxic sludge in the Undercity, or perhaps even lay on our luxirious silken sheets back in Shattrath? What do we do!?

That's right, we hearth. That warm little rock in your back pocket, the white stone with an intricate blue swirl brings us home.
I thought about it for a couple days, and it seems to me the Hearthstone is underappreciated. Was not the staple of being a Paladin Bubblehearthing, up until Cataclysm? The vast majority of my alts have not been scribes, or shaman, so their only method of getting home was with "the Chickenrock" as it is so aptly named. And what else COULD we do? After that one long, arduous quest in which we had to venture far, far away from our quest hub, did we run back for the rewarding turn in?

Hell. No.

So, to my dearest Hearthstone, I name this day, February 8th Hearthstone Appreciation Day. For all the times you've saved me, for the few times on my Deathknights in which I had to order you from an Innkeeper, I say thank you. Thank you for improving my WoW experience.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Through the Dark Portal - Part 1

My nostrils were assailed as we drew close to the crater - A smell of reeking sulfur mixed with the hellish stench of demons wafted in clouds of fuminating smoke from the scattered rubble about our feet. Fallenblood the Farstrider kicked a few stones out of the way as he walked, heavy-footed, alongside me. A close friend of mine, he had been for years. It was some wonder we had always remained friends; duties places us in very different places. I am a Spellbreaker, and he was a Ranger. Rangers handle their own problems. I turned my head, as if that could help me escape the ever-worsening smell coming from our destination.

I noticed Vannaren, who was a few paces away from the group. The only Blood Knight from the Order issued into our small contingent, he had kept quiet and to himself for the entirety of this journey. I could see his nostrils flare ever so subtly at the nauseating reek of fel corruption, but then again I could have been seeing things. It was hot here. Hotter than the deepest bowls of Blackrock Mountain, I would guess. And besides, Vannaren was no doubt a master at hiding his physical discomfort. A different breed, Blood Knights are.

I turned back to look ahead, my eyes stinging from the smog surrounding this vast stone structure... The Dark Portal is without a doubt one of the most fearsome sights on Azeroth. It surprises me that my people ever passed through it, much less listened to that traitor, Kael. We were naive, I reflect now. At the time, none of us could have guessed that the mighty Blood Mage could be leading us astray. Now we know the error of our ways, though most that followed Kael'thas through that portal did not live to regret it.

This small contingent, I ought to mention, has been through the Dark Portal and back several times. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful the action is. The pull of the Twisting Nether on one's fibers is... moving, to say the least. I digress. We belong to the organization known as The Scryers. The history of The Scryers belongs in a different tale, though it will suffice to say we have broken away from err and seek redemption from the shadowed time under the Prince's rule. We have been acting as emissaries to the Sin'Dorei in Silvermoon, hoping to bring more of our people into The Scryers, and, though I cannot stand to be in that accursed city for long, I feel like we are doing right.

Tellivira seemed to be having a terrible time. The poor little mage was trying desperately to hide her face in the folds of her robes, but obviously there wasn't enough of the material on her body to spare. Poor girl. Aanden was laughing at her, I think. He seemed to truly think nothing of the stench! I say that's mighty of him. Though, without his faithful dragonhawk, he seemed naked to me. Poor Dragonhawk Rider. I grin as I write this.
We drew to the steps of the Portal, then, and stood for a long while. Something strange caused us to pause for a moment, and I think Vannaren had heard it first; his shield and blade were out of their holds and ready nigh-instantly. And then a chilling cry came through the Portal, something like a bestial roar and a hideous shriek at the same time. Livingsun the priest, who had been near the front of the group, came running back, clearly terrified. Vannaren was running in then, but toward what, we weren't sure.

An Introduction

My name is Rembrinn. You can call me Rem, if it suits! This is my blog. I think it's fitting to post some sort of introduction, if only to describe what I plan to do here.

See, I had this idea, today. I was working in Google Sketchup and browsing the net when I stumbled accross a WoW blog belonging to one Jaedia (You can find that in my blogroll). I was inspired and intrigued. I thought to myself, 'Why not make my own blog?' And then as I continued to think, I came accross this idea: What if I make a blog that tells a story?

I'm a roleplayer, you see. I've been doing it for years, accross a couple different servers. I love the way people can turn into and play a separate person at will, learning that character's mannerisms, habits, way of life, and upbringing. I think it's a miracle, really. But I digress.

I thought that I could, in addition to all the things a normal blog includes, go a little beyond and craft a tale. Every blog I've browsed seems to be about the author's random thoughts, with a title akin to "Ravings of a Crazy Warlock." Is that what people really come to see? I suppose that's what blogging is about. But hey, if you like a good story, bear with me. Let's see what we can cook up, eh?

I'm Rembrinn. I look forward to posting more soon.